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# Website Icon Generation

Aug 29, 2015 1 minute read

Websites have icons. More specifically, they are called Favicon. In their beginnings Favicons were simple. Nowadays, they are very hard to manage without automation.


Initially, website owners only had to create a single image and reference it on the website. 1

The Mess

Nowadays, websites need to have at least a dozen different versions of the same icon. Almost of all these have different sizes. Some of them cannot have transparencies while others can. 2

Automation to the rescue

Fortunately, there are tools to automate the Favicon creation process. The following is a walkthrough of

  1. Open
  2. Choose a file to generate all the icons from.
  3. Create the Icon. The result page is displayed almost instantly.
    Generation Result
  4. The generated icons are compressed in a zip file. Extract them into your website folder.
  5. Paste the generated code inside the <head> of the website. 3
  1. Avid readers can go to Inventing Favicon.ico and Favicon on Wikipedia to learn more about the favicon history. 

  2. Favicon’s blog extensive article covering the subject. 

  3. The Tdd Apps Blog icon was generated following this guide. The following commit can be used for reference. 

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