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# The best book I read in 2015

Jan 22, 2016 1 minute read

The Lean Startup -by Eric Ries- diametrically changed many of the notions I had about how software projects should be carried on.

It helped me understand what being agile truly means. True agility means going full cycle -from idea to the customers- in two weeks or a month instead of the infamous timeline nonsense. Agile teams control their deployment and technology stack.

The Lean Startup movement is based on the importance of reducing waste during the product development lifecycle. The book showcases how building the wrong product is the ultimate form of waste. The only effective measure against waste is ship often and validate with the users at every step.

The book depicts with multiple examples from the real world how product ideas are initially wrong in most of the cases. Preconceived notions of how customers will use the products are generally wrong. Yes, your idea is probably wrong too! Moreover, businesses should not get too attached to an idea, once the growth stops, businesses should be ready to pivot into a different direction.

Be not confused with its title. The teachings of this masterpiece can also be applied in large and well established enterprises. It is certainly a mandatory read for every technology professional.

The Lean Startup

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