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# Book Review: The Ideal Team Player

Jun 6, 2016 1 minute read

As with other Lencioni books The Ideal Team Player is hard to put down once you start reading it. It emphasizes the significative advantage teamwork can bring to a company. The book revolves around the “Humble, Hungry, Smart” model. What is it and how ideal team players should follow it.

The Ideal Team Player is far from being a theory book. It provides practical applications of the “Humble, Hungry, Smart” model: interview techniques, interview questions, employee assessment and development techniques, techniques to embed the model in the culture.

The Ideal Team Player

The book describes several personalities I’ve encountered during my years working: the Pawn, the Bulldozer, the Charmer, the Lovable Slacker, the Skillful Politician.

My one sentence summary would be: “Don’t hire jackasses. If you keep them for too long then the non-jackasses will leave”.

No Jackasses

Go read it now and find out for yourself.

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