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# South Florida's Codecamp 2020

Feb 29, 2020 1 minute read

These are the notes on my Improve your AWS security presentation


Source Code

Presentation Outline

Cloud adoption has rapidly increased with the years. The cloud empowers companies to change faster. However, speed comes with its own set of risks: accidental data leaks, internal services publicly accessible, compromised account credentials. AWS offers several services to help secure and monitor your account.

Wouldn’t it be great to automatically validate S3 buckets are not publicly available? Would you like to know who destroyed the test EC2 instance without your consent? Would you like to get an alert when your account is under attack?

This presentation will cover how to use three powerful AWS services to answer these and other questions. We will walk through AWS Config, AWS Cloudtrail and AWS Guarduty. What do they do. And what problems they solve.

This is an introductory talk. Participants with any level of AWS knowledge are welcomed. This is an AWS only talk. The comparable Azure services will be explained in a future presentation.

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