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# Book Review: Cracking the Coding Interview

Jul 11, 2020 1 minute read

Interviews are stressful, they cover rarely used topics. Industry leading companies expect candidates to prepare in many areas. It is impossible to answer every question correctly. Reading a book won’t get you hired but this book is as good of a practice guide as it gets.

Cracking the Coding Interview


Cracking the Coding Interview is a good refresher of many Computer Science topics. The book has hundreds of exercises of data structures and algorithms. Every solution is explained in detail.

Big-O notation

The book does a superb job explaining time and space complexity. This topic comes up in every interview. Candidates need to understand it well.

Be prepared

Reading a book will not get you hired. Practice is very important. Do the exercises, practice coding on a whiteboard. Be aware different companies value different skills and you may even get rejected after intensive practice.

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